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New short film- Woodchuck City! Tortoise & Hare as cops


New short film! WOODCHUCK CITY

2015-07-21 15:39:00 by ML30883

New short film! WOODCHUCK CITY - Officer Tommy Tortoise and Officer Harry Hare chase after small time crooks in a coffee shop.

I've uploaded my latest short film, "Fantastic Foe".

Sick Day is on YouTube as well! (in case your devices don't run Flash)

"PINHEAD": Voodoo meets corporate warfare

2013-07-24 08:58:38 by ML30883

Thanks to everyone who rated and helped "SICK DAY". I appreciate all of your comments, good and constructive. I'm glad you all found something about it to like.

Please check out "PINHEAD", a film I made a few years back, which I just uploaded a day ago. You'll find some thematic echoes from "SICK DAY" in there. It's a little darker than "SICK DAY" and it's got a different pace to it.

Click here to check it out!


"PINHEAD": Voodoo meets corporate warfare